Short course description:

a three-hour hands-on workshop offering American Wave Certification! In this workshop, you will learn distinct American Wave techniques: The Beach Wave, Style Support and Texture Expansion.

This was simply an amazing and beautifully organized class.  There were 3 instructors and 4 assistants for a class of about 40-50 people with enough personalized attention to understand the techniques.  I was fortunate to be assisted by Tina, I think she was the best.  We went through the 3 techniques, and the product looks amazing.  I will definitely schedule an appointment to get the treatment myself.

The after event hosted at Arrojo Tribeca salon was also very interesting.  This was where I got to see how Nick Arrojo interacts with his staff, how he speaks about his product and the types of marketing ideas he shares.  What I found interesting in the stance he took on never using Keratin products due to the damage they cause the hair, this was exactly the reason why I never wanted to have anything to do with the product.

During both the class and the after event the whole team seemed so integrated in their talks.  One would start talking and another finishes the thought so seamlessly, you would think these were trained actors.  The staff came through as very knowledgeable and caring about the products, services and the image of the American Wave product.  I can see why hair stylists would be excited about joining a working environment such as this.   

200 Hudson Street

The core of the class was excellently executed, but there is always room for improvement.  I don’t know why, but I was expecting some gift from completing the class.  Some small samples would have done the job.  Another item I found lacking was the absence of engagement from the class staff after the class.  When it hit 1pm, it seemed like they all just relaxed.  I found it strange that none of them came around finding feedback from the students.  But the strangest thing I found was the lack of ability to signup for their products in the classroom, I actually had to go find their booth on the main floor to make a purchase.  These 3 hiccups are all organizational and had no impact on the product presentation and the positive opinion of it that was formed in my mind.

I will speak more about American Wave after my first client as well as after I put myself through the process.

Thank you, Nick and Tina.

Date attended: March 4th, 2018