Short course description:

Intensive training course will allow you to practice hands-on with all three of Donna Bella’s traditional hair extensions methods: I-Link, Kera-Link, and Tape-In.

This turned out to be a most inspiring class.

There are new hair trends coming out every day – I know about that since I am deeply in love with my profession.  I noticed that nowadays bright colored hair is the chic, amazing and super subtle trend.  A lot of girls, myself included, dream about dying hair blue, purple, pink and so on but we never actually do.  We don’t want to risk the health of our hair.

At the IBS New York, which is one of the most known beauty shows, I discovered for myself that there is an alternative to dying hair. The Donna Bella Milan course, inspired me to use purple-pink hair extensions!

It may sound a bit pretentious, but the class was awesome.  The representative of the company explained everything in a way we quickly understood, and the product was of excellent quality.  The only thing I am a bit disappointed with was the amount of mannequins — 5 people worked with 3 heads.  I think the product was too cool to practice the use of it with anyone else! I am sorry, my friends, but if you were there you would hold the same opinion ;).

In 3 hours we learnt three different techniques of using Donna Bella hair extensions.  The first of them didn’t require heat.  It involved «i-link» (beads) and «tape-in» (tapes) hair extensions methods.  Also, we learnt how to use properly «flat-tip» technique, that united «i-link» and «tape-in» methods, and natural fusion «kera-link» method.  Everything was very interesting, but what impressed me the most was the fact that Donna Bella provides extensions made of 100% human remy hair which you can be reused multiple (2-3) times. It turned out Donna Bella has 18 different shades of natural hair color to offer us.  

It was easy to work with Donna Bella products. The hair didn’t narrow or «flash» and its’ texture, colors and length were awesome.

Btw, the icing on the cake… We got the opportunity to talk with Donna Bella partner Donald Scott.  In the world of beauty industry he is known for creating patented razor tool designs.  Mr Scott turned out to be an interesting person and I was glad to have met him.  

After the end of the master class I was so inspired that I decided to get hair extensions for myself. We arranged the meeting with Donna Bella hairstylist and in 1 hour and 15 minutes the results were received — pink-purple strands! Among the methods offered by Donna Bella I chose «i-link» since it will last me longer.

Thanks to Donna Bella for reminding me that being bright is wonderful!

Date attended: March 5th, 2018