Beauty industry is constantly changing.  Every month new and improved products come to market and it’s hard to keep up with trends. However let’s think about this… Our ancestors had no synthetic conditioners, shampoos and lotions but their hair was healthy and beautiful. What was their secret? How was it possible without the modern innovative products? The answer is simple.

Cosmetics made of herbs, fruits and oils helped women sustain their natural beauty.

Of course, our ancestors did some pretty weird and gross things to keep up with hair fashion. For instance, during the late 16th century, women would set their hair with lard and slept with a nightcap over their head to protect it from rats. Weird? I think so! But still there is a lot to learn from our history.

The most amazing think about the ladies from the past is how close to nature they were.

Let’s look at the ancient Egypt! The women there used castor and almond oil to promote hair growth. They put no synthetic products in formulas and even in the context of hot dry climate their hair was wonderful. Another example is 7th century India. The beauties from there enjoyed coconut, almond oil, honey and ghee (a form of purified butter) for cleaning and conditioning.

The compounds of these very treatments became the foundation of many synthetic hair products we use now. It may even happen, that you are currently using a shampoo, conditioner or a hair lotion that includes them. Can you imagine how powerful beauty tips of our ancestors are if the main ingredients and vitamins for hair treatments remained the same? It is really powerful…and I truly believe in it.

In my opinion, having strong, shiny gorgeous hair means that we should make the best from both of the approaches. Combining synthetic products with natural treatments can help us to bring back that healthy shine, banish those split ends, ditch the dry itchy scalp and strengthen the hair!

Which is why, my clients enjoy not only professional but also natural hair care.

Among the procedures we offer are hair masks made of kefir, yogurts, oils and fruits along with herbal hair washes, all of which are individually selected for each client.  Natural hair masks and washes are just as beneficial, if not more so, than regular beauty products. Unlike a typical beauty product that rests on the surface of strand of hair, a hair mask works its way inside the root.  Regular application of a natural hair mask can improve shine, help with manageability and work to nourish the root.

The best thing about natural hair care is that you may propel hair growth, prevent breakage, retain moisture and moreover it seems no hair goal is impossible with correctly selected natural hair mask.  Schedule an appointment with Beauty in Variations to discuss your individual solution.