I arrived at 9:15am on Sunday March 4, 2018 at the Jacob Javits Center for the IBS NYC Show.  Check in lines already looked like an hour wait, but with some luck I found a line in the furthest place from the entrance that took me through the check-in process in 15 min.  I was in, and now I was up to my next challenge … find the class room for my first master class of the day.  I never realized there are so many levels to this place, Javits Center is huge. 

My first class of the day was on ARROJO American Wave Certification with Nick Arrojo.  You can see the full class description here.  My overall opinion, I was impressed. 

My second class of the day was The Highlighting Strategy that Works on Everyone with Marco Pelusi.  You can see the full class description here.  Once again, I found the class to be engaging and well worth my time.

Both classes deserve separate posts and you will see them here shortly.

I had a very little time to explore the bazar like atmosphere on the main floor.   But I did end up making a few purchases.   A couple of flat irons, makeup brushes, makeup brush belt and some other products which I will describe in detail.  But not today, I am just too tired to go through this right now.

The takeaway of the day – I realized that all the years of attending this show just to see new products were wasted.  The best investment any professional can make at this show, is to sign up for the hands on training seminars.  They are not free, and my total package, including the 4 classes I registered for, ended up costing me over $1000.  But, I will easily be able to make that investment back through the new services that I can now offer my clients. 

So, even if you are not a salon owner and even if your budget is tight, find the money to take at least 1 or 2 courses.  You will not regret it.